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6 x GbE LAN/WAN, WiFi & LTE
6 x GbE LAN/WAN, 4 x PoE, WiFi & LTE
Hardware Replacement
  • Advance Replacement
    $210.00 USD**

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    • Wired Interfaces
      2 x GbE and 4 x PoE, 2 x USB
    • Wireless Interfaces
      802.11ac/n, WiFi (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz), 2x LTE-A, Bluetooth (Low Energy)
    • Management
      1x RJ45 RS232 console, 1x GbE Cu (dual purpose port)

    Device Security

    • TPM
    • Crypto Acceleration
      Hardware based QAT

    Physical Characteristics

    • Weight
      1.1 lbs
    • Dimensions
      1.75” (1RU – h) x 8.75” (w) x 13.25” (d)
    • Power
      110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz additional Power supply needed for PoE
    • POE Power

    Operational & Compliance

    • Operational Temperature
      32°F to 122°F
    • Storage Temperature
      32°F to 122°F
    • Noise Level
    • Humidity
    • MTBF
      200,000 Hrs
    • FCC Classification
    • ROHS Compliance

    A small yet powerful solution for medium size branches to provide a comprehensive Application Aware, QoS Aware, feature rich Software Defined WAN solution with integrated comprehensive NGFW & UTM capabilities. CSG750 is a beautifully designed, passively cooled, versatile appliance equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, LTE and 802.11ac/n WiFi Access Point. It can be either desktop or rack mounted

    The Cloud Services Gateway Advantages

    The CSG 700 series of appliances are high performance appliances for entry level and medium branch deployments.

    Resiliency, Manageability and Security Advantage:CSG 700 series is designed for long service life. The fanless architecture for even for the most powerful appliance ensures long Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). The appliance comes with dual BIOS support to ensure smooth BIOS upgrades and resiliency. The Cloud Services Gateway is designed for easy manageability with specially designed LEDs based indications of status of the device.



    • CSG 700 series 4G/LTE is ubiquitous access network used as primary link, secondary link or tertiary backup for branches for e.g., remote locations or for mobility use cases. Enterprise customers can use CSG 700 series appliances with upto 4 independent LTE links simultaneously.
    • Each appliance has the ability to deploy two (factory installed), Enterprise grade, internal CAT-6 LTE Advanced modems to provide simultaneous connections via two active LTE access links concurrently. Each LTE modem can go up to speeds of 300 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream speeds.
    • LTE module is firmware controlled allowing for carrier flexibility. The appliance presents 2 externally accessible SIM card slots, one for each embedded LTE modem. If the appliance is configured with 2 LTE modems, each SIM card is used to control one LTE radio each. The appliance also presents 2 USB slots which can be connected to 2 LTE dongles simultaneously. Please refer to the LTE Datasheet for more information.


    • CSG 700 series appliance is capable of hosting a Access Point (AP) class 802.11ac wave2 class high performance Access Point for providing WLAN connectivity to the branch. The Wi-Fi AP module is capable of 802.11 g/n/ac (Wave 2) and can support upto 16 SSIDs and 255 clients simultaneously. The Wifi AP module supports simultaneous operation in 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz band (Dual Band Dual Concurrent Access). It is capable of 2x2 MU-MIMO with beamforming capabilities and is suitable for small to medium offices. The WLAN AP Module supports Wifi Mesh, frequency steering capabilities with sufficient transmit power and MRC capabilities to process weak signals that may be coming from devices further away to provide the best experience. Please refer to Wi-Fi Modem datasheet for more information.


    • CSG 700 series 4 port PoE Network Interface Card (NIC) module is capable of providing upto total of 60 Watts of power. Additional PSU PSU is required to provide the additional power to operate PoE ports. APs, cameras, VoIP phones and other PoE capable devices can be deployed without the need of AC adapters.


    • CSG 700 series appliance supports internal GPS for automatically locating the device using GPS and GLOSNASS positioning systems. The location of the device is uploaded to Versa Director and Analytics. The location can be used for variety of use cases including mapping the device on a Map, Geo-Fencing etc.
    CSG730-WLA-4GP Bronze CSG750-WLA-4GP Silver CSG770-WLA-4GP Gold
    Recommended Users
    Number of Users 100 500 1000
    Software Features
    Enterprise Security Addon Advance Security
    SDWAN + Router + Firewall (NGFW) + VPN
    VPN Throughput 250 Mbps 800 Mbps 2 Gbps
    Firewall Throughput 250 Mbps 800 Mbps 2 Gbps
    Enterprise License Features
    Advanced Security Features Not Available
    Interfaces 4 X GbE , 4 X GbE PoE, 802.11 ac/n WiFi, USB, 3G/4G LTE 4 X GbE , 4 X GbE PoE, 802.11 ac/n WiFi, USB, 3G/4G LTE 2 X USB, 4 X GbE , 4 X GbE PoE, 802.11 ac/n WiFi, 3G/4G LTE
    Cooling Fanless Fanless Fanless
    Subscription Tier Comparison
    Enterprise SecurityAddon Advance Security
    Next-Gen Firewall
    Site to Site VPN
    Content Filtering
    Intrusion Prevention, UTM Not Available
    Virus Scanning Not Available

    Customer questions & answers

    • Q:

      How is Versa solution different fron what i can buy elsewhere?


      Glad you ask this question. Most of the products in the market require complex technical know how. You need expertise in IP networking, Security, FIrewall, cloud etc. Just the thought can be daunting. Lets say you want to interconnect all your business via a private connection (VPN ). You also want internet access. but you are afraid of Intrusions.

      With Versa Solution

      1. No technical knowhow is needed. We configure the device with best settings

      2. With Advance Security add on, we have already configured the best options for you

      3. From buying on Amazon or Versa Web site to Activating and getting support all is made Easy

    • Q:

      I have internet in office, can i use any internet provider?


      Versa Device is Internet agnostic. As long as you have internet wither from Service Provider, or a LTE connection the device will work.

    • Q:

      I want my office versa appliance to always have internet, or VPN can i get internet from two providers?


      The device is preconfigured for Two Internet Service Providers, and LTE.

      If you want high availability, simply plugin the Internet ports to two service provider.

      We will

      1. Automatically load balance on all available Internet Service providers

      2. In case of outage on one service provider, we will reroute your service with all available circuits.

      3. The best Option is to leave the configuration to EZ settings.

      4. WAN 1, Wan 2, and LTE should be set to Split Tunnel and Auto

    • Q:

      Can i use Mobile LTE as primary internet?


      If you have LTE SIM card inserted. Simply turn on the device and activate it via Versa Mobile App.

      Your service will be up and running. Turn on the LTE in Configuration screen. And the device is ready.

      You can also set the LTE to Auto or Primary in the configuration screen.

    • Q:

      Does versa replace my current router?


      You have both option.

      The best configuration is that Versa Device is directly connected to the Internet. This way NAT traversal issues can be avoided

      In case this this not a good option for you. Please put it behind the current router. 

    • Q:

      Can I add range extenders to Versa Device?


      Yes you can add any wifi Router on the LAN port to Extend the range.

    • Q:

      Do i still need to have service from an internet service provider (Comcast, Verizon, Cox)?


      Yes, you will need at least one Internet provider

    • Q:

      What are the features of the device?


      There is a long List of features. Please refer to the Versa E-commerce Portal. Some features are listed here


      1. 2xWAN Internet, 1 LTE Internet

      2.  Auto configure LAN port

      3. Auto Configure Wifi - 2 SSID , 

      4. Separation of Guest wifi for Internet Only Access

      5. Auto VPN (Virtual Private network) between the devices in the same company


      1. Any2Any, Hub Primary and Hub Secondary, or Spoke

      Security (Some features require add-on):

      1. Next Gen Firewall

      2. URL filter by category

      3. IP address block by Reputation

      4. Virus Scan

      5. Intrusion Prevention System

      Traffic Conditioning and QOS

      1 Auto load Balance

      2. Traffic Steering based on Application , IP or URL

      3. QOS by Category (Voice/Video/Business) 

      4. DSCP 

      5. By Application type

    View all questions